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Please use the form below to contact  the Adirondack Landowners Association. The appropriate person will get back to you. 

The mailing address is Adirondack Landowners Association, 512 Old South 2nd St., Fulton, NY 13069.

Ingrid Smith, the administrative secretary, can be reached at (315) 592-2567.

Kimberly Finnigan, Counsel, can be reached at

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ALA  Members

Adirondack League Club
Adirondack Mountain Reserve
Ampersand Pond
Asgaard Farm
Bay Pond Park
Big Wolf Lake Association
Boreas River Farm
Brandreth Park Association
Camp Otterbrook
Elk Lake Lodge
Finch Paper, LLC
Fisher Forestry, LLC
Grasse River Club
Heart Bay Environment
Hollywood Club
Johanson Family Property
Kildare Club
Livingston Lake Club
Matamek Corporation
McCavanaugh Pond Club
McClelland Family Property
Miller Park Association
North Woods Club
Our Woods
Paine Family Estate
Putnam Camp
Thisse Family Properties
West Canada Preserve
Wilmurt Club
Woolf Family Property


Thomas E. Williams
West Canada Preserve

Vice President
Neil Skotarczak
Miller Park Association

Bill Hutchens, Jr.
Livingston Lake Club

William Clegg
Hollywood Club

Kimberly Finnigan

Colin Bradford
John Ernst
Robert Friedman
John Fritzinger, Jr.
Sally Hart
Gwen Krause
Dan Lynch
Justin Potter
Wilbur Rice
Jackie Rudolph